Our Story

It’s a known fact that women are born shopaholics and Men hate shopping, but in modern times the facts have changed. Men have become metrosexual in nature, now you would ask what does that mean, well it means they like women also like to indulge in Spas and beauty treatments and take care of their appearance in every aspect. And appearance it does not mean only the hair and face, men like to also indulge in their accessories and one of them being their prized possession – THE WATCHES!

You might have seen the young men of house browsing through magazines and online shopping sites and seeing the wonderful watches on display with an open mouth. Why? Well, because unlike the women, this accessory of men is not so quite pocket friendly and at the most the man can own up to one or two good branded watches. So, what can he do when he wants to own more for various occasions of his life and can’t because the pocket and budget won’t say yes?

Enter into the world of AMAUGER! Now you would ask is this a new watch? Or gives out watches on rent? Or is it a new store opened recently? Wait, wait we have all the answers

Amauger is founded by young men who are passionate about watches and are also travel freak. Amauger deals in what can be called India’s first of its kind concept of CUSTOMIZED WATCHES where one can customize the watches according to one’s taste, personality and outfit. This unique business idea came about when our globetrotters were unable to find a watch company that offered them the luxury of customizing their watches. And at that very moment AMAUGER was born!

AMAUGER- an online store is for all those men who desire to change the look of their watches from time to time according to occasions and their moods. Now they can do so without burning a hole in their pocket, by customizing their watches through interchangeable straps and other accessories.

But how does this work? The answer to this is very simple, the AMAUGER site has a wide and extensive range of straps and dials which can help in customizing your watch and the best part is that they are within your budget, making it cost effective and attractive. So now you can see the watch and its various combinations and choose the one which matches your personality and style. The wide range of straps can give a makeover to your watch from a totally formal look with a genuine leather strap or a cool dude casual look with its NATO strap.

And that’s the reason, that now you don’t need to buy multiple watches, you can make one watch into multiple looks right from a formal to a sporty to a casual look by just changing the look of the dials along with the straps.

So, just don’t sit on that couch and dream about a new watch, get up, and log on to www.amaugerwatch.com and fulfil your dreams of owning many watches into one. Flaunt your new style statement and make people gush over your new look and don’t forget to make them a part of your secret!